Kent Test (11+)

If your child is currently in year 5 and you want to apply for a year 7 place at a Kent grammar school in 2019, you can register your child for the Kent Test.

The test assesses whether grammar school is a suitable option for your child. You will need to register for the Kent Test between June 1st and July 2nd 2018. 

The Kent Test date for 2018 will be Thursday 6th September.

The Medway Test date is still to be advised.

If your child has a disability or special educational need so they cannot attempt the test in the normal way, you would need to have discussed your concerns with the person in your child's school responsible for special educational needs (the SENCO). This is because any request for access arrangements is made by the school. 

When you register your child online for the test, you will have seen a message after you have submitted the form asking you to confirm that you have discussed a request for access arrangements with the SENCO by sending an email to If you used a paper form to register your child for the test, you would need to have included written confirmation when you returned it.

Information on Kent Test

Information on Medway Test