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Weekly Prayer

This week's prayer.

O God our Father,

Grant us the love which is always ready to forgive;

the love which is always eager to help; the love which

is always happier to give than to get. And so grant that,

living in love, we may live like Jesus.


MoreSep 25, 2016 | News
Merit Awards


This week's Merit Award winners!

MoreSep 16, 2016 | News
Our Tree of Forgiveness

Pupils will be encouraged to think about the actions of others and to offer forgiveness.

MoreSep 13, 2016 | News
Proud to be Outstanding

We are proud to say that our Ofsted report is now available on the Ofsted website...

MoreMar 13, 2016 | News
A small part in history

Just to update you on the old site - we can confirm that it was successfully auctioned by Clive Emson on May 3rd. 

MoreFeb 23, 2016 | News