As we set off on our first full week of Green Class, we have lots to get stuck into. 


In English we are looking at books by Michael Foreman and using lots of our English skills to support our learning.Maths kicks off with place value and will move swiftly on as we are all pretty good on our place value!

Science this term is Forces and Magnets and on Monday we will be conducting experiments to see how much force it takes to move an object on a variety of different surfaces and we will learn about Friction.

Geography is all about the world!  The children learnt the continents last week so test them to see how many of the 7 continents they can remember...and the spellings of them!

We will try and link art into our geography theme and we will be looking at patters, starting with aboriginal art. 

And after all that we still have to make room for PE, computing and RE!  We made some great burning bushes in RE last week when we looked at fire was included.

If any mums or dads that are DBS checked can spare us an afternoon or a morning for reading, please let me know via your child's contact book of a day that works for you.

Congratulations to Megan who won our first merit award.  Emily who was our pupil of the week and Tigers who were our first table group winners.  Who will be the next one to win :)

Please 'encourage' your child to let me know if there are any messages in their contact book as we cannot always get round all the books each morning.  We will also change their reading book once a week as trying to change them all everyday is impossible.  However, if your child has finished both books and does need to desperately change them, please pop a note in their contact books.

Thank you :)

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