The last week of our first term as Juniors, phew!

Well tome Green Team, we have made a whole term as Juniors.  I know it has been a challenge for many as the work load has increased and the work expectations have jumped up a gear.  But you should all be very proud of yourselves for the achievements you have made.  Looking back over the last few weeks in your books, I can already see that you are trying really hard with your work.  Our scooter workshop this week showed your determination as many of you took a tumble but still jumped back on your scooter!

For this final week, we will do our last investigation is science for magnetism.  We are making our own compass and discovering how we can find magnetic north.  Geography will be designing a flag and a mini test to see how much we have learnt about continents, countries and cities.

We will be having our celebration afternoon to celebrate each other following the wonderful homework that you all completed.  We have also have another celebration in the way of Harvest Practise as well as the real thing in church - we look forward to seeing lots of parents there!

English and Maths need to find a place to slot into the week as well as finishing our Torah boxes to protect our sacred Torah scrolls, 2 lessons of PE and computing!!  We will definitely need our half term break!

Congratulations to Sydney, who won our merit award in assembly.  Harry D and Megan were our pupils of the week and Tigers stole the table of the week winners by just 1 marble!!

There will be a few mini end of term tests for spelling, geography and reading next week just so we can ensure that children are in the right groupings for movi

ng on to term 2.  They are nothing to worry about - they just help with the planning and differentiation for the children in term 2.

Have a great weekend.



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