14th November, 2016

On Monday of last week we invited Mr Hall to come into Orange Class and tell us all about his job at Tunstall.  Everyone really enjoyed asking Mr Hall the questions that they had planned and written in class and it was very interesting to see lots of the tools he uses in his job.  We would all like to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to Mr Hall for giving up his time and making our final geography lesson about Tunstall village so much fun.

This week, in English, we will start working on non-fiction texts.  The children will be practising identifying the contents page and index.  They will also be learning to identify the type of information that may be contained in a book by looking at the title and pictures on the front cover.   We will be looking closely at the way non-fiction books present information, learning that the labels, captions and sentences convey facts, rather than stories.  Our tasks will include writing our own sentences for information pictures.  We will be learning about Florence Nightingale in our history lessons and non-fiction books about Florence Nightingale will be used in our English lessons too.  This week we will be looking at the various types of sentences that we write.  The children will learn to identify a question, exclamation and a statement and practise using appropriate punctuation at the end of their sentences.  

In our maths lessons we will be continuing with our Place Value unit.  We will revisit and practise counting in tens and twos and further develop our ability to identify odd and even numbers.  We will also be working on identifying one and two more or less than a number and usining a 100 square to help.  The children will be starting to develop their understanding of partitioning with numbers from 10 to 20.  They will learn, for example, that 13 is made up of one 10 and 3 ones.

We are looking forward to a great week!






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