We are in the army now!

Green Class had a fantastic, if chilly, afternoon with Tiger Troop.  The children learnt how to stand to attention and stand quietly in their ranks.  They tackled army assault courses and tug of war!  With my military back ground, I definitely feel that registration and lining up may now be done in military fashion!  The children learnt how to be better team mates and how to congratulate the winners if they were not one of them.  Something that Green do find tricky to do.  We marched back to class shattered, cold but with rosy cheeks and smiley faces.

This week will see us finish our non-chronological reports in English.  Maths moves on to 8 times table, yikes, some haven't mastered the 4 and 3s yet!  Please keep practising the times tables as much as you can.

Science involves chocolate, which is always a positive.  We will be using it to understand the different rock formations.  The children will explain all after our lesson I am sure!

Cave paintings came out really well despite having to paint them upside down under the tables.  The children experienced how it must've felt to paint in the dark!  We will be making our stone age weapons this week!

Our gym instructor has left us now so we will be using the skills we learnt from him and we will keep practising our symmetry and non symmetrical travelling and jumps.

Thank you for all the egg boxes and recycling.  We do not need anymore of either now.  Our Christmas tree will be in the church from Wednesday, please have a look where your egg boxes ended up!

Congratulations to Sebby who had a clean sweep of merit award and pupil of the week this week!  Table winners were our Marvellous Monkeys.

I look forward to seeing you all at parents evening this week.

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