Week beginning 30th January 2017

I hope you all liked your photo frame that came home last week.  If you did not receive one then it is either on display or it was not completed.   Our photo frame display is at the top of the East Stairs.

We finally finished The KrindleKrax story on Friday - we all absolutely loved it and it is always sad when we finish the book.  We will be starting to write our own versions of the story this week.

Maths has been a mulitplication festival!  We started with the grid method, then moved on to the expanded method and next week, after refreshing, we will move on to standard short mulitplication.  All methods are so much easier if the children are confident with their times tables so please, please keep practising them!

Our assembly has been postponed slightly so we are back to working on Volcanoes in Geography.  The children really enjoy this topic, I think it is perhaps the destruction that volcanoes can cause, rather like the children of Green on the classroom during any independent tasks!

Science continues with looking at shadows and if there is any sunshine this week, we will be getting outdoors and seeing the size and position of shadows throughout the day.

Congratulations to Lizzie and Lucy who have both been trying super hard in all lessons, it was impossible to separate them!  Grace was our pupil of the week and Charlie's were our table winners this week.  Four pen licenses were given out this week so the handwriting has really been improving - keep it up!

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