The Final Countdown...

Congratulations to joint winners of our pupil of the week award this week, it went to Theo W (for the third week on the trot!) and Zak.  Scoop will be joining the Raesides this week to give him a little holiday from the last 2 weeks at the Williams' household!

Table winners were Red Group and the merit award in assembly went to our school councillors for doing a fantastic job on Dedication Day - well done Zak and Phoebe and all the other children who were winners this week.

We have a bit of a finishing off week ahead of us...

Our giant Iron Man is nearly complete; we just have to speak very nicely to Mr Hall to see if he can put him together for us - he stands over 8 feet tall so he is certainly worth popping in to see one day.

We need to finish painting our ancient Greek vases - which do look thousands of years old with the amount of glue and paint added -  they definitely are slightly wrinkle and wobbly!

We also need to complete an independent writing task in English, our measuring topic in maths, our science theme of animals and food and a healthy diet and Islam, in RE.  Add to that lot our May Day performance practising and it certainly is a busy week!

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday and fingers crossed that the sun shines.

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