Week beginning 18th September

As we enter week 3, patterns are starting to be established. That's not to say that there aren't more to create, but the timetable is starting to run along expected lines. The class members have had their first lessons with the visiting staff members - Mrs. Julier for Music, R.E. and French, Mrs. Walker for Science, Mrs. Castle for Computing and Mrs. Campbell for Geography - whilst they chug along with me for everything else. Indeed with me they will develop their writing of parallel narratives this week, recounting Mary, Queen of Scots's story from the polar opposite points of view of Lady Marsden, a lady-in-waiting, and the Earl of Shrewsbury. The trick will be to choose vocabulary which reflects their very different perspectives on events and opinions on the lady at the centre of them while telling exactly the same story twice. Talking of vocabulary, we have also taken our very first footsteps into the realm of comprehension in which, as in spelling, one of the main aims will be to extend vocabulary understood - this will continue on a weekly basis.

In Maths, we are entering the last week of place value work, looking further at negative numbers and comparing and ordering numbers in particular. The first two weeks have gone well and I have no reason to anticipate the third being less successful.

Having established from where the Saxons came and why, we now move to what kind of people they were and how they lived. We will also make time to further our cityscapes art work.

In almost all cases, the children have now met their buddies and it is to be hoped that positive, supportive relationships develop over the coming months.

One last thing - for any parents interested (and, of course, available) - I will give a short presentation on Tuesday attempting to inform parents of the full KS2 curriculum for the grammar and punctuation aspects of English. I can't promise entertainment or an interactive experience as the time is too short and the necessary info-dump too great, but I will attempt to be thorough and copies of everything foisted on you at speed will be available afterwards. The intention is to assist parents to use the same terminology as we use in school when reading and writing with their children. I hope to see a few of you there.

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