We named him Brian!

Well we were very lucky last week as our dragon egg finally hatched! We had a very hansom dragon for a few day and we named him Brian. We looked after him and read him stories. Mummy dragon came back over the weekend to collect her little boy. She was very pleased with how we cared for him. To say thank you she left us a gift of a toy dragon. How very kind! 

This week we will be focusing on doubling and halving in maths. Yellow Class homework will also be related to this. These are the links to the websites if you'd like to get to them directly rather than typing them in. Doubling and halving games Doubling and halving Monkey doubling and halving race game

In English we will be continuing with our fantasy setting genre with Miss Reynolds.

Sports Day is creeping up on us so we will be continuing to practice the necessary skills in PE.

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