The week in which Indigo Class cease to be...again...

"It was a very good year"....more Frank, I'm afraid, though nobody's perfumed hair came undone, (but then it isn't 1965 anymore).

Tidying up of subjects this week: last bits of English, Maths, History, Art, that sort of thing. Three events dotted through the week: Spoken English, so good luck to Michael, Evie, Jake and Izak against the Year 6 representatives; Sports Day, so good luck to all the Houses; Leavers' Service (Friday a.m.) and Leavers' Celebration (Friday p.m.), so the very best of extended luck to the soon-to-be-no-longer-members-of Violet Class.

Everyone has survived the year, more or less intact. A few boys have let themselves down on the MUGA during some lunchtime football, which is a shame as it has cost the class some of their access. They may not feel so at the moment, but they owe Mrs. Campbell thanks for intervening on my behalf (whilst I was readying the hall for the school performance of South Pacific) but, on the plus side, I'm still very proud of the boys who have been refereeing the Green Class games and hope that they will continue to do so with good grace for one last week.

It's been a bit of a year, what with a new site and all, and everyone is now very tired but, hopefully, we can have a smooth, peaceful glide to the holidays. Because of the impending 11+ process, I know this will be a harder-working summer than some are used to but I hope, in time, you will find the continued effort and focus worthwhile and that you achieve what you want to achieve.

So, goodbye Indigo Class as you morph into Violet Class. As E.T once said: "Be good."

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