Our Values


Our six Christian values have been chosen by pupils, staff and governors and are promoted across the whole school by all adults.  They have been linked to bible stories and PSHE themes and are used at the foundation of our Collective Worship teachings.  The values are also linked to the curriculum including R.E. and other subjects.

Our beautiful ‘Values Tree’ can be seen in the corridor on the ground floor.  Each term the value is shared with the school through Collective Worship and in class.  When pupils’ behaviour is observed reflecting the current term’s value a leaf is added to the tree to celebrate their actions.

Pupils are reminded of the current value when the Head Teacher visits their classes each day for prayer.  Classes regularly take turns to lead whole school Collective Worship using the current value to base their presentation and prayers around.  Pupils also take an active role in writing and leading prayers for our school, key stage and class Collective worship and their prayers reflect the values.