The House System

The main function of the Tunstall house system is to develop a sense of identity or belonging and to celebrate achievements.

Our school has three houses:

• Moore - (Red)
• Robertson - (Green)
• Webb - (Yellow)

When children first start at Tunstall they are allocated a house. If a child has siblings at school, the house for all of the family will be the same one. Children remain in their allocated house for the whole time they are at Tunstall.

The house system is used for the annual Sports’ Day competition and for other PE activities when pupils wear their house colour t-shirts with pride.

Merit Awards

We also link the house system to our school merit awards. Pupils are given star stamps by staff in school, as a reward for good work. They collect these on their personal star cards and when they have 5 stamps, pupils receive a certificate in their house colour. This is presented during the following Friday Merit Award Assembly.

When 20 certificates have been gained, pupils are then awarded a star badge (of their class colour) to wear on their uniform. When they have earned a further 10 certificates a gold star will be awarded.