Week beginning 12th September

Everyone seems to have settled in well and the children are getting used to our high expectations. It will take a little while, but will mean that everyone knows what to expect and when, which will create a fantastic and productive environment in which to learn.
In English over the next two weeks, we will be using Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit as a model for our own adventure story writing. This week we focus on using evidence from the text to describe characters feelings and also focusing on historical detail to make our writing more realistic and interesting. In maths we start with place value, looking at less than/greater than, as well as ordering numbers.
We will also start our history learning, looking at invaders and settlers and science, where we look at the function of the digestive system.
The class has chosen Lauren and Lukasz as our school councillors and congratulations to Ben who received our behaviour award last week.
We are instilling in the children the need for them to become a little more independent in their thoughts and actions. Please help them to achieve this at home by discreetly checking that they have the correct equipment for the coming day and if not, gently guiding them accordingly.


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