The week in which we peer through a telescope, looking for signs of intelligent life...!

O.K. It's our first "week with a difference". Actually, it's our first week with two differences. On Monday, we welcome two boys into the class as their parents contemplate a move to Tunstall. Time to make a good impression, everybody. Given that our value this term is friendship and everyone even delivered an Act of Collective Worship last week on that topic, this should be easy. The second difference is we're off out on a Science-based trip on Tuesday to the Greenwich Observatory, thanks to Mrs. Walker who has made all the arrangements for ourselves and Violet Class. Time to impress the denizens of South-East London with some impeccable behaviour, I feel.

Falling into the category of "that's not extraordinary at all", we will aim to complete our parallel narratives this week - 2 x 3 paragraphs to go - each bearing a complex sentence begun with a subordinating conjunction, of course, perfect use of the past tense and a suitable, emotional tone. We will also tackle mixed numbers and improper fractions and the addition and subtraction of the former (to lead on from last week). We will add more in the way of construction to our model Saxon village and the embryonic ukulele band will strike up again. We will also begin the next aspect of our Cityscapes topic in Art. I'd tell you all about it...only I can't remember without looking at my plan and that's at school rather than here on the sofa in my house. I'm sure it will be good stuff, though, whatever. Mrs. Tollervey will cover some more Jewish rites of passage in R.E. and Mrs. Campbell will take you further into the features of the UK's physical and political Geography.

See you tomorrow.

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