Week beginning 10th October

Our trip last week to Reculver certainly was a breezy one, but the children experienced first-hand coastal features, food chains and habitats together with some history detective work which will be really useful throughout this school year.  Some photos can be found in the gallery.  Thank you once again to the helpers which made this trip possible.

On Tuesday, we have an exciting activity with the arrival in school of Team Rubicon, a group of professional scooter riders and coaches,  who are going to educate the children in an alternative physical activity which we hope will promote healthy lifestyles. As well as riding safely, tricks and stunts have been mentioned.

In English this week, we continue with our learning on Roman myths by looking at some of the themes of myths, the use of magical objects as well as the correct punctuation of speech.  We revisit addition and subtraction in maths, also focussing on the use of place value to calculate answers.

There’s lots to get through in Science as we look at keeping our teeth healthy.  On Wednesday we get a bit eggy, setting up an experiment to see the effects of various liquids on egg shells and on Thursday we look at how we brush our teeth, checking with plaque disclosure tablets if we have done a good job - so don’t forget toothpaste and brushes on Thursday. 

Congratulations to Evan who received our behaviour award last week.


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