We are very busy in Orange Class preparing for our Key Stage One Harvest Celebration!

The children are working hard learning the songs in preparation for our Harvest celebration on 20th October.  Both Orange classes are also really enjoying working together on our class presentation.  This week, in our English lessons, we will be finishing off our work on The Pig in the Pond and then starting some work on poetry.  The theme of our poetry will be 'Harvest' and we will be learning a poem and making up our own actions for it.  

In our maths lessons we will be continuing our work on addition, learning that two numbers can be added in any order and the answer will still be the same.  We will also be practising working out the missing number in number sentences such as 6 + _ = 9.  The children will be using counting apparatus, such as cubes and they will also be learning how to use a number line to make their calculations.  Well done to the children that have been practising quick recall of the number bonds for 10 (7+3, 4+6, 8+2 etc) - these number facts will be very useful when calculating.

We will continue our science lessons about the weather with some simple tests to help us to judge how strong the wind is.  I am sure the children will explain to you how we do our testing! We will also be returning to our weather station again to check how much rain has fallen, the temperature outside and the direction that the wind is blowing.

We all had a lovely time at the skipping workshops on Monday - everyone tried really hard to develop their skipping skills - well done Orange Classes!  We have also really enjoyed the scooter workshops some children even learned how to do simple tricks.  Thank you to the PTA for funding these super activities. 

Well done to everyone that has worked on the Mathletics website - we would love to see any certificates that the children achieve.  There are also lots of books on the Bug Club website to read.  If you have a problem logging on do let Mrs Scargill or Miss Adams know - they will be happy to help.

Mrs Scargill, Miss Adams, Mrs K Heather, Mrs H Heather and Mrs Underdown.

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