"All the better for listening to you with Miss Rogers."

Welcome back to another fun filled term in Yellow Class. Congratulations to Harriet who starts this term as our Star of the Week! 

We will be venturing out to our surrounding fields in order to collect some resources for a week of data handling in maths. How lovely the leaves are this time of year!

You may have guessed that we will be exploring the use on exclamation sentences through the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood and try to use them in our own writing.

We will be learning about Guy Fawkes and his plot over the next few weeks in our history lesson, including a week dedicated to the men and women who fought and still fight to keep us safe.

In our art lessons, we will be exploring several artists over the next few week and learn how to create the stunning colours they used. 


I hope you are well rested...it's a busy one this term!!!

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