Another busy week is on the way!

Congratulations for Callum, our newest Star of the Week! Callum consistently shows enthusiasm for his work, friendships and school life. This is great to see!

A quick apology from me, I forgot to put the rulers into homework folders...making the measuring task rather tricky. Some of you may have rulers at home so just ask me if you need one from school.

Coming up this week we will be returning to addition and tackling the task of units going over ten. In our English lessons we will be looking at another Traditional Tale to help us use 'and', 'but' and 'because' to extend our sentences. 

In art we may get a little messy with mixing secondary colours. I hope our new monitors are up to the challenge. 

We will also spend some time this week remembering our heroes and heroins who have fought and died for our country, including Allen Charles Elliot Rogers. If you get chatting to mums, dads and grandparents, you may find out about members of your family who were involved in past conflicts. As long as parents and grandparents agree, you are more than welcome to bring in any reminders of your family members. We would love to share them.

ReturnNov 6, 2016