This week we arrive back to school to find that the story of Supertato has come alive in our classrooms!

On Monday we will be investigating what has happened in our classrooms and which materials we can use to trap the peas and keep them out of trouble. We will be working in teams to create pea traps and explain to our friends how they work. However, you can never be sure where the peas might end up next so we might have to create some posters to let everyone know what they look like. 

In Phonics, we will be revising the sounds we learnt last term to make sure we are confident with them. We will be doing lots of activities to practise our reading and writing skills. 

We are also starting 'Number of the Day' where we will be exploring numbers from 1-4 over the week. We will be making sure that we can recognise, write and count using these numbers. 


ReturnNov 9, 2016