sooner have the fireworks fizzled out but Christmas is everywhere!

Here we are, almost midway through Term 2, otherwise known as Christmas chaos.  We have already booked in our slots to practise for choral Christmas.  Appointments have been made to go and sing to a variety of establishments and the Christmas tree war is on...who will have the best tree?  With this in mind, I am still sending out pleas for egg boxes!  I have had to open this out to the whole school now as we are a little thin on the ground so far for egg boxes!

Back to work...English will be writing our own non-chronological report which will also look at main and subordinate clauses, preposition and 1st and 3rd person.

Maths will be concentrating on multiplication and division, usually to groans from the children as they are reminded how important their times tables are!

History will continue with our Stone Age theme which is proving a success at the moment!  Rocks and Soils continues to engage the children and we had a very successful rock hunt around the school grounds, it was amazing what had been churned up by the builders!

We have 2 weeks left of our gym teacher training us on Tuesdays so please ensure kits are in Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Congratulations to Kyron who won our merit award in assembly.  Ethan was our pupil of the week and Giraffes were our well deserved table winners!  Please encourage your children to be supportive even if they are not winners,  We have had some unfortunate name calling and poor behaviour in both games in PE and following awards in class and assembly.  Everyone will always win something if they try their best!


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