So much to do this term!

We are in full swing of Christmas already!  We have started our Christmas tree, egg boxes everywhere!  We have cut out our tags for the secrets room and we have started rehearsals for our choral Christmas performance in church!  It's still November, bahhh humbug!

The children have been brilliant this week with their flu immunisations and various other changes to the timetable but we have still managed to fit all our learning in!

Next week will be lots more multiplying and dividing so keep practising those times tables.  We will be working on our sport report in English - we had a brief interlude of it this week to remind ourselves of basic grammar skills!

The children started their cave paintings by lying on the floor with their paper stuck to the underneath of the table to be proper cavemen! Next week we will finish them off the right way up!

Thank you for all the Pudsey money that came in, we completely covered his entire face and now each class need to guess how much is there!  We have enough recycling boxes now thank you so I am afraid you will have to start refilling your bins again now but do keep bringing cardboard egg boxes in please.

Congratulations to Amelia who won our merit award in assembly, our pupil of the week was Franklin following an outstanding English lesson and our table winner were the Marvellous Monkeys.

Have a great weekend.

ReturnNov 18, 2016