Week beginning 21st November


It’s been a good week for photos, so do have a look at our gallery as we have some great pictures of the first swimming group, the spotty dress up for Children in Need and our DT learning, where we created a savoury snack, using cutting, slicing and spreading.

This week is our final push on fables in English, where we will be writing our own, using the features and techniques that we have been learning about over the last two weeks.  We will start with a moral and build our fable from there, allowing plenty of time for writing, editing and improving, before producing a final copy.  In maths, we spent all last week on multiplication, so this week its division, first using a number line before moving onto more formal methods.

Our thoughts turn to Christmas this week as we make a tree for the festival at the church, tags for the secrets room and practice our singing for the choral Christmas and singing to the blind fellowship.

Congratulations to Sam who received our behaviour award last week.



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