Sadly, not an original thought - Oscar Wilde got there first.

I'll leave the "obscene" part of the aphorism to them but, as to the "not heard", familiarity had bred a little contempt by last week and we had to have a re-shuffle of certain personnel seating positions. So far, so good.

Alarmingly Christmas always comes very early, but this is because various kinds of performance are involved. A Choral Christmas takes preparation, hence small scale rehearsals already eating into the week, and this week we need to prepare a home-made tree for the church. That "home-made" bit means thirty-one pairs of creative hands need to get busy in a coordinated way, sewing buttons and arranging patterns of swatches before tacking them together.

Back in the normal world, we will complete our extracts from a sci-fi dictionary and tackle some thesaurus work, whilst also embracing some more themed comprehension based on the work of Nicholas Fisk. Squared and cubed numbers will get a brief look in and some Saxon crime and punishment will feature later in the week. Mr. Graham will make his fourth and final visit for gymnastics - we would all like to thank him for sharing his talent and introducing distinctly acrobatic flavours to plain old P.E.

On with the tinsel...

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