We know what they all are in Yellow Class!

A big congratulations to Yellow Class for all the money you raised for Children in Need last week and you all looked great on Friday, I loved Hollie and Jessica.S's 'changing T-shirts'. 

Well done to Sophie.W, our latest Star of the Week! Sophie has had a terrible cough and cold this week but she has soldiered on and never let it effect her hard work or good manners. 

Coming up this week we will be exploring nouns, verbs and adjectives and how they have impact on our writing, as well as doing a little detective work!

In maths we will do a little more work on recording subtraction before looking at another measurement...mass. We know that length is measured in cm and mm. Do you know what mass is measured in???

We will also continue to build on our Nativity song repertoire! Yay!

ReturnNov 20, 2016