This week we will be diving into 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'!

To begin the week we will start by reading the story and writing letters to Father Christmas! We will be sending them to him and hoping to get a reply back! Since we have learnt the tricky word 'to' in Phonics we will be table to use these in our letters. We will also talk about how a letter needs to be finished with 'from...' so everyone knows who has written it. 

In Maths we will be talking about what 'more' means and talking about '1 more'. We will be exploring this using our postbox by posting a certain number of letters and then 1 more. 

In Phonics, we will be revising all of the sounds we have learnt since starting Red Class. We have finished Phase 2 and the children are really proud that they have learnt 23 sounds! Our tricky words for next week are 'go' and 'into'. We will be practising reading and writing these words. 

As you know, on Monday and Tuesday we will be holding Phonics afternoons for Red Class and KS1 parents. The afternoon involves a quick presentation by the teachers, introducing you to all of the sounds and terminology involved in Phonics and giving you some ideas which you can use at home. You will then be able to put what you have learnt into practise and come and play some games in class! We look forward to seeing lots of you there. 

As we draw closer to Christmas we are also getting closer to our Nativity performances. Both classes will be practising hard next week, aiming to put on a fantastic show! For those children who have lines to say we have stuck them in their contact book so they can practise at home. 

On Wednesday and Thursday we have parents evening! We look forward to speaking to you about how your children are getting on in Red Class and sharing with you some of their work. 

Finally, on Friday we will be visiting the 'Secrets Room' where the children will be able to buy presents for family and friends. These will then be wrapped and labelled. Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We will also be vising the church on Friday to see all of the Christmas Trees made by the children of Tunstall and the local community.

As always, a busy week to look forward to in Red Class!

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