We are still looking out for exclamation sentences.

A BIG well done to Ethan who is out latest Star of the Week! Ethan is always on task and shows great enthusiasm for joining in and working with others!

Another well done to all of Yellow Class for guessing the closest to the money raised for Children In Need. We guessed £500! Our prize is a non-uniform day! A text will be sent out this week to let you know when it is.

Throughout the week we will be measuring weight is grams and some subtraction word problems in maths, alongside applying some of the grammar we have learnt to our own writing in English lessons. 

Now let's take a step by step account of everything else that is happening in the week ahead...

Monday/Tuesday- we hope to play some phonics games with any parents that can attend our phonics afternoons.

Wednesday/Thursday- Miss Rogers will be informing Yellow Class parents of how fantastic you all are at parent consultations.

Friday- Yellow Class will be off to The Secrets Room to buy some Christmas gifts. All children need to bring in their money and a named carrier bag to carry gifts home in. We will also take a walk to the church to enjoy the Christmas Tree Festival! (I do not know what time Yellow Class are scheduled to go yet but we would very much appreciate some parents to come with us! Once I know, I will send out a plea.) Friday may also be our non-uniform day, but wait for the text to confirm this.

Phew! Then we'll be one week closer to our Nativity! Yellows will be finding out their parts sooooooon! 

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