Parts of the timetable may be undergoing a degree of alteration but we plough on with our work. We will write chapters three, four and five of our collaborative stories with a science fiction theme, the necessity being to pick up on what the previous authors have committed characters to doing. As part of the statistics strand of Maths, the development of line graphs comes next, starting with reading scales. We will take a look at the role of monasteries in Saxon England, linking timetables into last week's Maths, and I think Mrs. Walker will be delivering the Human Development film as part of Science this week.

Our stitched tree/teepee successfully made it to the church - quite how the return journey will go, I'm not so sure but, all being well, it should take up a short-term residency in the school. Thank you to everyone who attended the Parents' Consultation Evenings. I know the appointments are brief but I hope they proved to be at least a little informative and/or re-assuring.

We will sneak a few chunks of time this week to start our own preparations for Carol Service - bell-playing and tableaux practice, that sort of thing...

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