Busy just isn't the word!

What a mad couple of weeks we have had and yet another 1.5 to go! 

Thank you for all the lovely slippers that decorated feet on Friday, however, there was only £7 sent in for 28 pairs of slippered feet!  Please send your £1s in on Monday for the worthy cause of helping the homeless this Christmas.

The Elvis gear looked great for our dress rehearsal of our Choral Christmas on Friday and we are really looking forward to showing off to all parents next Friday.

Pantomime is on Wednesday -  oh no it isn't!  We will be leaving school at 11am and eating our lunch on the coach.  From past years' experiences, please do not send a yoghurt in on that day for your child's lunch.  There is nothing worse than a yoghurt exploding all over the rest of your lunch, when we are in an environment where we cannot clean up properly and there will be very hungry children if their lunch is ruined by a rogue yoghurt.

Christmas jumper day is also next week on the Friday (red, white, green or christmas t-shirt underneath it please).

We are also fitting in work next week too!  English will see us recap on speech marks in direct speech - this will be centered around the character 'Super Sprout' which the children created on Friday.

Maths will be finalising our mastery in 3s, 4s and 8 times tables.

Science moves on to soils as we have learn a lot about rocks so far in our Rocks and Soils topic.

History has to take a back seat next week as that is the day of Choral Christmas, but the children did make some fantastic tools and weapons from wood and clay, which are now on display in the KS2 corridor and they also produced some fantastic fact files for homework which are also on display too.

DT will be our secret project for Christmas presents as well as trying to get our giant giraffe on his feet!

Our winners this week were Max for pupil of the week with a whopping 31 points, while Chester won the merit award for persevering to get his pen license and for awesome singing in all practices.

The Father Christmas' were our table winners.

Well done everyone.  Only 8 school days left, we can do this!!

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