Mend the Manger. Monday 12th December. 2pm

What a busy few weeks it has been for the Orange classes! Last week we displayed our Christmas Trees (Advent and Eco-baubles) at the Christmas Tree Festival, which we all enjoyed visiting. We also had our two phonics afternoons where parents came to learn all about digraphs, trigraphs and split-digraphs and then had a fun afternoon getting to play phonics games in their children's classrooms. Thank you so much to all the parents and carers who attended, it was a lovely event and we really enjoyed getting to spend time with you all in the classrooms.

We have also had our parent consultations, Christmas bazaar, Nativity rehearsals and slipper day! All that and we have been learning about Florence Nightingale, addition and subtraction, poetry and turning solids into liquids.

Next week, both classes are very excited because Monday is our Nativity! 2pm start in the main hall. We have been working hard on our singing, learning our lines and remembering where we all need to be and now we are ready to perform!

As well as our own Nativity, next week we will also be watching Yellow Class's dress rehearsal. We will be getting in the Festive Spirit in English by looking at 'The Night Before Christmas' and in Maths we will be learning which pennies are which so we can help with the Christmas shopping. Orange Class love this video to help us learn our coins so you could always watch it at home too by clicking here.

We will also be finishing creating our own e-books in computing, carrying out different tests in Science and learning more about the Christmas Story in RE.

Don't forget it is Christmas Jumper Day next Friday!

See you all on Monday for the Nativity: Mend the Manger.


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