Big voice and don't forget your lines. 

We only have three days left of school but we have so much to fit it! 

On Monday we will be performing our Nativity to Red B, Red M and Orange S...and the stable is up on stage! We will have our KS1 party with games and prizes in the afternoon. As far as I am aware, children can come to school in their party clothes (Please bear in mind that Yellows will be changing into their Nativity costumes- please make sure they have a t-shirt to wear under their costume. PE shorts are still in school).

Tuesday brings some festive crafts before the main Nativity performance to our mums and dads! We can't wait!

Then Wednesday will bring some more festive fun before we part for our Christmas break. Look after yourselves Yellows and come back safe next year. Merry Christmas!!!

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