Wednesday 4th January

Firstly, may we extend our great appreciation for your Christmas greetings, cards and very generous presents and say that we are looking forward to another busy but fun time in Blue Class.
This term, we are once again lucky to have Mrs Julier covering Music and Mrs Tollervey covering RE in class on a Wednesday morning, with Mrs Campbell continuing with French on Monday afternoons.

Curriculum focus for Term 3 and 4

English – Our English learning this term will cover imaginative stories, using The Hole by Oyvind Torseter and persuasive writing using The Zoo by Anthony Browne, Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo and Ice Bear by Nicola Davies with narrative writing and poetry next term. There will also be a continuing focus on handwriting and spelling patterns.

Mathematics – Our main focus will be fractions and decimals but we will also cover, measures including money, time and area and revisit both multiplication and division.

Science – Our first topic is titled States of Matter, where we will investigate solids, liquids and gasses, followed by Electricity in Term 4.

Geography/History – For this first term, we are concentrating on geography, learning about the water cycle and rivers, and next term, we will focus on History, learning about family life across the ages.

Computing – This term, we are looking at producing digital music, with editing and writing HTML being the focus of Term 4, together with how we can stay safe while using computers.

PE –Our PE sessions change slightly in Term 3, with Tuesday being Gymnastics with a coach from a local club, while our Friday session will be Outdoor and Adventurous activities, for those children not swimming.
Unfortunately, there is still a steady stream of ‘forgotten’ kit, especially for our outside session on Friday. This seems to be from those who go home in their kit from after school clubs. As a reminder, children attending after school clubs should bring an alternative kit for those sessions.
Jewellery, including stud type earrings, will need to be removed and hair tied or clipped back for all our PE lessons. Please ensure that all kit is labelled and is kept in the cloakroom in the usual drawstring bags, if possible.

RE – We will be looking at worship in the Christian Church and the Church community, together with the life of the vicar, lent and temptation and Easter.

Art and Design/Design & Technology – For this term, we are concentrating on Art and Design inspired by Monet. Next term, we will focus on Design and Technology, designing, making and evaluating our ideas.

Music – In music we will focus on composing, using the environment for our inspiration.

French – In our modern foreign language learning we will focus on days, dates and birthdays, together with travel.

We do update this class blog weekly, so please do visit for any changes or updates to this information.

Other information
Children may continue to bring in a healthy snack for break time, as well as a named water bottle. If the snacks could be labelled, this will, hopefully, help avoid items being misplaced.
Home learning continue to be given on a Friday, for completion by the following Friday, which allows ample time to complete the tasks set, should children be busy at the weekend. Also on a Friday, spellings and times table/other mental maths will be tested.
Children will continue to choose their reading books to share with you at home, and have contact books for you to record their progress. Please also use these contact books to relay any other day to day matters, although we ask that children bring such notes to our attention, as we do not check contact books. Other adults do have access to these books and we would therefore remind you that should you wish to write in with a sensitive or confidential matter, that this is done on a separate note.
If you have any concerns or questions, please do not keep them to yourselves!
We are aware that it is sometimes difficult to speak directly to us, but recommend that a note in the contact book, telephoning, asking at the gate or finding us after school are the best ways to resolve any issues you may have.

Mr Miller and Mrs Foot

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