Firstly, can we wish you all a very happy New Year and say thank you for the lovely gifts which we received for Christmas – clearly the children have been listening carefully, to work out what we like; hopefully those excellent listening skills will continue this year as far as learning is concerned, with the countdown to SATs beginning now!

Curriculum focus for terms 3 and 4:

English – As SATs are at the beginning of term 5, a key focus will be securing ‘gaps’ in knowledge or understanding of grammar and punctuation and ensuring that the children apply what they learn in their writing. We will also further practise our comprehension skills and look at examples of the types of questions which will be asked in the reading test.  Our writing genres will include persuasive letters, biography and autobiography,  playscripts and instructional writing. Check this page for a weekly update.

Maths – We will be covering data handling, measures and geometry as well as revisiting and developing areas of maths identified as gaps in recent assessments.  Although we will sometimes complete practice papers in class, regular taught maths lessons will remain the norm.  There will be reinforcement homework (including practice papers) and some children will need to be supported when completing it, if at all possible. Please encourage your children to read questions carefully, to estimate answers before working them out and to check their answers – this is all part of the SATs drill! Check on this class page if you would like to know the specific topics being taught each week.

Science – Mrs Walker will remain responsible for the teaching of science and the topics for the Spring term are electricity and light.

Geography and History – Family Life through the ages will be our history focus while in geography our topic is the physical geography of Earth: hemispheres, longitude and latitude, climate, time zones and biomes will all be investigated.

Online Safety/Computing – We will be again be reinforcing our online safety rules, as many children are frequent users of the internet and in particular of social networking and online gaming sites. In computing we will work on film making and we will also use Scratch to create animated stories.

RE– Sikhism will be taught by Mrs Julier in term 3 and the children will learn about Guru Nanak, the Guru Granth Sahib and the Gurdwara. In term 4 we return to Christianity to learn about the Eucharist, communion and Easter.

Art and Design – In art we will study the works of the British artists David Hockney particularly his photographic collage work and his more recent iPad art.

Design & Technology – In DT we will be investigating phone cases and how they have evolved, before designing our own using textiles. The idea is to develop our stitching skills, though we will also look at fastenings and embellishments.

French – Our topics will include school (places in a school, subjects, timetables and equipment) and towns (especially different types of building and different types of shop and what they sell). We will also be writing letters to French penpals and hopefully will progress to communicating by email/skype.

PE – Our topics this term are gym, volleyball, multi skills and OAA (outdoor and adventurous activities). Our regular PE slots remain on Monday and Friday. If possible PE kits should be in school every day as on occasion PE slots have to change. Each week there are often one or two children who are unable to participate because of lack of kit, so we would appreciate your support in ensuring that kit is in school. Mr Miller will teach the Monday PE lesson.

Brief notes on other important information:

Reading – Please continue to keep reading with your children. It is vital that you support them at home with their reading and ensure they read for around 20 minutes daily. It helps to develop the children’s knowledge and comprehension of different texts as well as their writing skills, in quite a dramatic fashion. Children complete book reviews when they complete books (earning a reward for their efforts), but several children have yet to produce one.

Times Tables – Some children still have gaps in their knowledge of times tables or in the speed with which they are able to recall them. Please can you continue to support the learning of these – your children are all well aware of the areas they need to work on! You could try the timed tests which we use sometimes in class or use the TimesTables Rockstars website which each child has a log-in for. 

We look forward to this busy but enjoyable Spring term and thank you for all your continued support with learning at home. Should you have any questions please catch us either before or after school or via the contact book, we’re always here to help.

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