So, it's 2017.

The year has changed...but the expectations haven't. We may be coming back halfway through the week, but we will dive straight in, as usual. Be ready for a bit of thinking, a bit of writing, a bit of reading, a chunk of Maths and even a bit of role-play thrown in for good measure tomorrow. It's a short term so we need to get cracking.

There will be a particular emphasis on the accuracy and RANGE of your punctuation usage this term, so be prepared to accept and respond to the need for precision and give in to the urge to show off, deliberately constructing your sentences in order to give yourselves the opportunity to demonstrate purposefully what you know.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas time and is now ready and eager to get going again. We'd all always like "just one more day" but a bit of engagement will make all the difference: your best efforts will guarantee that you dazzle and delight.

See you all tomorrow.

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