Welcome back to a new term in Red Class! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year! We all want to say a very big ‘thank you!’ for the generous cards and gifts we received for Christmas.


Our topic this term is ‘Lovely London’ and we are excited to get started with our learning about the capital city!


Just like last term our learning and development will be guided by the 7 areas of learning:

·         Communication and Language

·         Physical Development

·         Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·         Literacy

·         Mathematics

·         Understanding the World

·         Expressive Arts and Design


Communication and Language

In Red M a red London Bus is currently under construction in our Role Play Area and we are hoping to see the sights of London as we travel!

In Red B we will be creating a London Tourist Office where the children can lead their own tours around London.

As with last term the children will have the opportunity to access the role play opportunities in both classrooms.

We are also hoping to begin work on transforming our outdoor role play area into our very own Underground Station.  

All Role Play Areas will contain a range of writing and number opportunities as well as endless Speaking and Listening opportunities. 


Physical Development

We will continue to develop our fine motor skills on a daily basis using a range of resources in the classroom.  The results of this are already clearly evident in our pencil control. 

Our PE lessons are going to be very imaginative this term.  We will use our developing understanding of movement and explore new ways to express ourselves physically relating to all of the stories and songs we will be looking at. 

We will also continue with daily Storycise to help us build up our fine and gross motor skills.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will continue to value Personal, Social and Emotional development as key contributors to your child’s learning.  We will use the resources inside and outside of the classroom to model and encourage sharing and turn taking.  We will also continue with our daily ‘Circle Time’ activities which are used to promote confidence and develop speaking and listening skills.  We will also be discussing the consequences of our actions.  We will maintain the ethos that a child’s learning will be optimised if they feel completely content and secure in their environment. 

We will also be reading a story to make us think about how our actions affect ourselves and others. The story is called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’. We will use our own buckets to help us understand how this works!



We will continue with our daily Phonics lessons and will be applying our developing skills to our reading.  This term we will be rehearsing and consolidating our Phase 2 phonemes.  We will also be moving onto Phase 3.  As we progress through the phonemes we will be learning less of them each week.  This is because the sounds gradually become trickier.  We will constantly be applying our developing phonic skills to both our reading and writing. 

We will also continue to practise our letter formation to ensure we can correctly form our familiar letters. We have already noticed a difference in the children’s writing so please continue to practise at home.

We will be using a lot of books to inspire our learning this term.  These are a variety of fiction texts which include:  The Queen’s Knickers, The Royal Nappy, The Prince and the Potty, Katie in London, A Walk in London, The Dog Detectives – Lost in London, Paddington’s London Treasury and many more!

We will then focus on a range of activities based on events in these books. The texts will be used to inspire early writing such as labels, bus tickets, stories, captions, price tags, tourist leaflets and many more!  We will even be writing on knickers!



This term we will be consolidating our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes.  We will introduce new concepts such as (simple) doubling and the language used in addition and subtraction. 

We understand that many of the children are able to count beyond 20 so we will now be extending some of our activities (within this number range) in order to secure their recognition of these numbers and ensure they are able to access these numbers in a range of situations.  We will also begin to play some problem solving games. 


Understanding the World

This term we will be looking at the world around us, specifically London and some of its famous landmarks.  We will introduce a little bit of history but the main focus will be on current day London and the familiar sights Red Class would be able to recognise if they were to visit the city.  We will also be looking at modes of transport that may be spotted during a day in London such as taxis, buses and fire engines!

The children will continue to have access to laptops and iPads on a regular basis. We will also be teaching the children how to log on to the laptops with their own log-in and discussing the importance of keeping these details safe.  As previously mentioned, we have found lots of websites that you can view at home which support your child’s development. Why not take a look?

 www.crickweb.co.uk (Please click on the Early Years Page)



Expressive Arts and Design

The children will continue to develop their creative skills this term.  We will be recreating some famous buildings and applying our developing skills in order to produce models of real life buildings and structures! If you have and materials, boxes, wheels or tubes then please send them into school so we can recycle in a creative way! 


Other Information

Please continue to use the contact book or alternatively speak to one of us before or after school, should you have any queries or questions. 

We are also in search of a steering wheel or two if anyone has a spare one- not in use of course! These will be used in our role play areas inside and outside of the classroom!


The children will be issued with two reading books per week plus two Bug Club (online) books.  We will change the reading books of one group per day.  The day your child’s books are changed has now altered so please see the following list for your new ‘Book Changing Day’.  The children all know which group they are in

Monday – Shard, Tuesday – Big Ben, Wednesday – Tower Bridge, Thursday – Buckingham Palace, Friday – London Eye.


We look forward to a fantastic Term!

The Red Class Team

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