Week beginning 9th January


Even though the term is only a few days old, the children have really got back into our routines quickly, and have already produced some fantastic learning in maths, English, science and art.

This week, we continue our English learning on imaginative stories by finding out what happens to The Hole in the book of the same name by Oyvind Torster, looking at useful story telling language, changing notes into a paragraph and writing a book review.  We will end the week by brainstorming some ideas to write either our own version or a sequel to The Hole.

In Maths, our fraction learning moves on to look at adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, followed by everybody’s favourite, finding fractions of numbers.  In Science, our States of Matter learning moves onto viscosity, where we will be investigating if liquids flow at different rates.

As previously advised, our PE learning will be on a Tuesday and Friday for this term, with the Tuesday session being run by a qualified gymnastics coach.

Finally, congratulations to Honey, who received our behaviour award last week.


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