Week commencing 16th May 2016

We reach the final week of our unit on fairy tales by completing our own ’twisted’ tale this week.  This will involve writing the ending and then allowing some time to editing and improving.  Towards the end of the week we will role play a scene from a fairy tale and then attempt to turn this into a play script.

Shape, symmetry and angles are our focus in maths this week, while in DT, we are designing and making a mock-up of our money container, in readiness for making it next week.  If you are able to help with threading, sewing and untangling on the mornings of Monday or Tuesday, 23rd and 24th May, please let us know.

On Thursday afternoon, we will welcome The Bishop of Dover and several other guests to the school dedication ceremony. The children will be performing and presenting guests with cakes, that a group of children from Blue Class will be making on Wednesday, while other members of the class will be acting as guides, escorting our guests around the school.  Unfortunately, this event is for invited guests only and not a general open afternoon.

Congratulations go to Anthony, who received our behaviour award last week.


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