Hitting 2017 running!

3 days done and we all made it!

We start the first full week of 2017 with avengeance on Monday!  Our PE lessons are swapping from Tuesday to Monday for Term 3.  Monday will be our first dance lesson, which the boys will love!  However, if the weather is OK we may get outside to blast the cobwebs away.

Literacy will be Krindlekrax, hot seating Elvis to find out why he is being mean to Ruskin!

Maths will continue with measurements before jumping back to multiplication and division next week.

RE looks at the parable of The Unforgiving Servant and Geography and Science are Volcanoes and Light as started last week - the children seem to be loving the new topics.

You will have all had the letters about our open afternoon so we look forward to welcoming you into the chaos that is afternoons in Green Class very soon.

Congratulations to Lilly who won our merit award for starting Term 3 with a much more positive attitude to her learning.  Jason was our pupil of the week for his outstanding times tables and Mowgli table were our first table winners of the new groupings.

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