Following the usual breeze through the week, there is also a potted guide to the term's contents...

We're back and a full week means a full week's work.

In English this week, our Sailing Away topic will leave us all stranded, alone, on a desert island. This will lead to a piece of descriptive writing describing the approach of night. On a more technical note, we will also be working on sentence construction which incorporates expanded noun phrases with the use of colons as a means of expanding on/explaining the first half of a sentence. Maths will be focused on comparing and ordering fractions whose denominators differ and Mrs. Walker will begin the forces topic. Our study in History on Family Life through the ages will focus on different echelons of Victorian society starting with a look at some primary sources. Our first computing lesson will look at fusing geometry and art and, on an artistic note, we will develop our embryonic still life composition and sketching at the end of the week.

Further ahead, the term looks a bit like this...

English: Alongside continuing tasks like Guided Reading and spelling, greater emphasis will start to fall on comprehension skills and our topic called Sailing Away will engage the class in lots of different styles of writing: description, narrative, instructions, reasoned arguments and a bit of persuasion too. Technical focus will be on organisational features, aspects of advanced punctuation, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.

Maths: Three big topics dominate the term - fractions, decimals and percentages, each one being explored from many angles, including investigations and worded problem solving.

Science: The big topic of forces gets covered this term, from gravity to air resistance.

Computing: We will start by learning to use programmes which allow us to blend computer art with geometry before moving on to build a simple website teaching others about e-safety and digital literacy.

History: A study of how family life and structure has been different in the past will begin with the Victorians, people obsessed by the importance of the family unit.

Geography: Mrs. Campbell will take the class through a topic on international trade and resources.

DT: We will undertake some work on cams and followers which will tie-in with Mrs. Walker's Science topic.

Art: This term we will study still life, learning and practising different sketching techniques and composition possibilities.

R.E.: Mrs. Tollervey will lead the class through an exploration of Jesus as a figure of authority - looking, for example, at his teachings through the parables - before moving on to see how the Christian community works and differs around the world.

French: This will begin with a topic (and related vocabulary) on journeys and explore "the town" before moving on to other subjects.

Music: A focus on the ukulele and becoming ever more proficient with chord structures whilst also studying beat and the effects of changing rhythms and speed.

P.E.: There are four areas this term - OAA, Multiskills, Dance and Netball. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as we will only have access to the small hall rather than the large for several sessions!

Obviously, the weekly look-aheads will provide a little more detail each Sunday!!

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