Our first full week of Term 3!

In our English lessons we will continue to work on Traditional Tales and once our work on Dick Whittington is finished we will be moving on to The Three Little Pigs.  This week we will be making comparisons between book, video and audio versions and also looking at a playscript version too.

In maths we started working on time last week.  The children particularly enjoyed reading and making 'on the hour' times with our little clocks and we will be building on this by introducing 'half past' this week.  We will also be reinforcing time language such as later and earlier as the children learn to solve time problems such as 'I will arrive at the shop at 10 o'clock and one hour later I will go to the park.  What time will I go to the park?'.  Perhaps the children could keep an eye on the clock at home and tell you when it's bedtime?! 

Well done to everyone who has completed tasks on the Mathletics website this week!  It is a really good way for the children to reinforce maths skills and practise using their mental and aural maths skills. 

We are all looking forward to a fantastic, fun and productive week in Orange Class!


















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