Recounts, place value and buoyancy 

After an exciting end to the week with the snow next week we will be settling down to a busy week of learning this week.

In Maths we will be moving on from time (which has been great fun) back to place value. We will be concentrated on counting back from any given number, counting in 5s and recapping counting in 2s and 10s. Remember there are lots of good activities on mathletics to practice this. Already completed them? Have another go and see if you can beat your score from last time.

In English we are moving on to learning how to write a recount. The writing in Orange Class is coming on leaps and bounds so we are ready to start putting it into full effect by 'recounting' the activities we do during the day. We will be making sure that we are using capital letters and full stops in the correct places as well as using conjunctions (and, but, because) and time connectives (first, then, after etc). You can practice writing recounts at home with your children in their special diaries. 

Orange Class A will be continuing with gymnastics next week with our expert gymnast and we will also be taking a look at the science behind objects that float and objects that sink. How do they do it?!

In history those of us that have been making our timber-framed/wattle and daub houses will be finishing them off and finding out about why the structures of these houses contributed to the Great Fire of London.


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