Week beginning 16th January.

After all our practice, creating sentences with expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and colons, now's the time to put them into a context. The next task in our Sailing Away topic is to write a piece of descriptive writing, with built-in time shifts, which relates personal thoughts, fears and observations as the sun sets on the deserted beach on which class members have been individually washed up. We'll be hoping to build up a range of complex sentences which make the experience as real as we can manage. In Maths we will make links between fractions and decimals and begin the process of learning the equivalent expressions so that we can shift between fractions and decimal fractions and make them interchangeable. In History, we will focus on the essential differences between richer and poorer families in the Victorian age. We will also make time to focus on aspects of our sketching techniques and further our grasp on how to manipulate shapes in order to create tessellations using the Inkscape program in Computing.

There will be some adjustments to the timetable as Mrs. Tollervey will be teaching R.E. on a different day this week and Mrs. Julier will be absent, but we will maintain the usual push...just in a re-arranged order...

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