Divisions, London, balls skills and Van Gough!


A big well done to Noah, our latest Star of the Week! Noah has a good sense of humour and loves to entertain but knows when is the right time. Noah knows when to focus on his learning and when to make us laugh. Keep it up Noah!

So, we spent last week waiting for Paddington to arrive in London but heard nothing from him. Let's blame the tube strike! We hope to hear from him this week but in the mean time we will start to explore and share our experiences of and knowledge of London. We will do this by studying information texts and safe searching on the internet. Yellow Class' homework this week is to research some London landmarks, either through books or online. Please ensure your child is safe when using the internet. In class we use 'Safe Search' to ensure they will not come across anything upsetting or harmful to them. Please feel free to use it at home too: http://www.kidzsearch.com/ 

In maths we have been working hard with our magical dividing house to help us get to grips with the concept of division. We will continue with this topic for another week, using very practical tasks to help us visualise the process.

Our art gallery is really taking shape now, with a selection of Yellow Class' landscape art work inspired by Claude Monet. We will continue to build on this display on Thursday as we explore Van Gough's take on landscapes.

In PE we will continue to develop our bat and ball skills as well as another skill from our multi-skills topic. Skills, skills, skills!

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