Firstly - thank you for your support with the revision homework. Most children handed their papers in on time (ideally by Wednesday each week please). If you wish to see the results, the papers can go back home when I have marked them and we have reviewed them in class  - alternatively children can keep them in a folder in school. This week's homework is a maths reasoning paper and a reading paper - hopefully there will be no excuses about having done them but lost them afterwards this week!

In maths we will be consolidating percentages of amounts as many children find this challenging - hopefully using Smarties (other brands are available) will help with te children's understanding. We will also use the data we generate to work on ratio and proportion and maybe even for some data handling.

Our letters of complaint are coming along well - we will finish drafting on Monday/Tuesday then edit them. We should also have time to write a less formal email complaint so that we can demonstrate our understanding of formality/informality.

There is much excitement about the next stage of our DT phone cases - using our templates to cut out the actual fabric. We may even get onto a little stitching practice.

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