Week beginning 23rd January


Our story sequels to The Hole were put to good use last week as we had a story telling session with Yellow Class, to enable the children to get a reaction to their writing.  Many really seemed to enjoy the experience which will hopefully inspire them to bigger and better things in their English learning.

For the rest of this term, our English learning looks at persuasive writing, and this week we introduce the topic of animals in captivity by discussing what is good and bad about zoos while also looking again at speech marks and tenses.  Our journey through decimals and fractions stops this week at multiplying and dividing decimals, hopefully dispelling the myth that you just add a zero when multiplying by 10. If that proves successful, by the end of the week we should be able to compare and order decimals too.

In Geography, we are identifying the features of a river while in science we look at temperature and at what temperatures water changes state from a solid to liquid and liquid to gas.

Unfortunately, some of the scores in both our spellings and times tables assessments are not as good as I would have expected, so do please try to encourage these to be reinforced at home. 

This week the next swimming group takes to the water, so please make sure that everything is packed and ready for Friday.

Finally, congratulations to Sonny who received our behaviour award last week.


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