Week beginning 23rd January.

Bloomin' cold still, isn't it? Back in the 70s, when I was a child, The Two Ronnies always promised me "a fun-packed programme tonight". Sadly, I can't promise any such thing, but I can promise a work-packed week. In English, we are moving on, within our topic, to constructing a shelter which will inexorably lead to a set of connected instructions. This is much more than five sentences each starting with an imperative, however. This is a first go at making connections between sentences, not just in terms of there being a natural chronological order but in terms of picking up ideas and developing them to create flow, what the old National Curriculum called coherence and cohesion, between sentences and between paragraphs. It's usually a bumpy ride, at first, but tackling it within the context of instructional writing usually makes it easier to focus on the connections. We'll also be developing introductions which promise the reader a guiding hand and will be interspersing instructions with helpful hints and timely warnings. We'll be re-kindling our word-processing skills at the same time, whilst in our actual computing lesson it will be the tricky task of creating tessallations with a series of regular and irregular shapes. Maths, still related to fractions and decimals, will concern simplifying fractions and further develop the links with decimals. We will continue to look at the difffering lives of richer and poorer Victorian families and try again to devlop textures in still life drawing. Other "stuff" will occur too: I just can't remember what it all is at the mo. (Notice the subtle use of a colon, there...).

Tomorrow is Education Sunday at church, by the way. I hope to see a few of you there.

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