London's burning, London's burning, fetch the engine, fetch the engine, FIRE! FIRE! FIRE FIRE! Pour on...time connectives to help with our recounts.

This week we will be continuing with writing recounts but this time all about the Fire of London! We will be learning about how it started, who Mr Pepys was and having a go at writing our own recount of the fire as if we had been there! Again we will be focussing on time connectives, conjunctions and adjectives. Confused?! Take a look at Michael Rosen explaining all here.

Meanwhile, in our other learning, we will be moving back to addition in maths. We will be re-capping our number bonds, learning how to add three separate numbers together, doubling and addition word problems. Remember you can practice all these operations on mathletics.

In Science we will be looking at the strength of different materials, we will be continuing to learn about weaving in Art, gymnastics in PE and the creation story in RE.

There will be no Miss Adams on Thursday for Orange A - she will be off getting lots of new ideas of how to make our maths lessons exciting and engaging, so Mrs Heather and Mrs Tollervey will be looking after them for the day.

Thank you to those members of both Orange classes who came along to Education Sunday at Tunstall Church it was great to see you there. We hope you all had a lovely, if not chilly, weekend and are fully rested for the week ahead.

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