Week beginning 30th January


Our English learning last week was very successful in looking at both sides of an issue.  This week we develop this by analysing the features that writers use, and how to incorporate these into our own writing, whilst the grammar focus is on the correct use of tenses.

There is a bit of revision on adding and subtraction to start our maths week, before we apply the methods to decimals in the form of money and giving change.  All too soon, we reach our last gymnastics lesson with Mr Graham, but hopefully the children have appreciated his specific knowledge that we can develop further in our coming lessons.  In geography, we look at erosion and deposition and in science its evaporation and condensation, so let’s hope for a dry, windy Thursday.

For those who have just finished their swimming lessons, there are some new photos on the gallery of their final lesson, expect certificates soon.

Congratulations to Katie who received our behaviour award last week.


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