Week commencing January 30th 2017

We started our new class text last week - Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce - and so far we are all really enjoying it. The writing produced so far has also been impressive, particularly the letters from the headteacher to Liam's parents. The class was amused by the idea that a pupil could be mistaken for a teacher and that he would then play along! 

This week we will read on to find out more about Liam's adventures and will work on our descriptive and persuasive writing skills based on events in the story.

In maths it's time to tackle area and perimeter, moving beyond squares and rectangles and compound shapes made from squares/rectangles, to triangles, parallelograms and compound shapes made from these 2 shapes. If time allows we will look at circles this week too (radius/diameter/circumference/area).

Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to assist in DT this Wednesday - hopefully this will allow us to make great progress with our sewing - some my even get on to fastenings and embellishments.

 We won Walk on Wednesday for the 3rd week running on Friday - can we keep it up for another week? 

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