This week we will be reading not one but  two new stories to inspire our learning!

On Monday we will begin by reading "The Queen's Hat" and taking a whirlwind 'visit' around London as the Queen and her soldiers try to get her hat back! We'll be thinking about where our hats might go if they were to get blown around Tunstall School.

We'll then read 'The Royal Dinner' and find out just what ingredients the cook has to use when he cooks the Royal Dinner for a banquet. We'll even plan our own 'Dinner', write invitations to our friends and make our own sandwiches ready for our 'feast'!

In Numeracy we will continue to practise our number recognition to 20, especially those teen numbers.

In Phonics we will introduce the sounds 'ng', 'ee' and 'ai'. We will also continue to practise the Phase 3 digraphs we learn least week. Our new Tricky Word of the week will be 'are'.

The children have been working really hard to practise logging onto the computers and we will continue to develop our confidence with this this week.

Red Class have been really keen to try out the 'Challenges' that have been given to them this week- well done Red Class!

Finally, as a reward for winning the Attendance Award, Red B have a non-uniform day this Wednesday (1st February).

The Red Class Team

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